Paul Pogba is featured in the latest issue of Hypebeast Magazine, and he spoke about a variety of different topics during his interview with the publication.

He started things off by briefly discussing his return to Manchester United in 2016, the club he left back in 2012 to join the Italian powerhouse Juventus. He decided he wanted to go back to the club that invited him to join their youth academy in 2009 sometime last summer when he was touring the U.S.


HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 17: The Connection Issue. For more see link in bio.

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Pogba also touched on the haircuts that have become a staple of his entire look. He seems to switch up his hair on a pretty consistent basis to keep all of his fans guessing, and while he wouldn’t reveal how he decides what to do with his hair, he did admit that he devotes a lot of time to settling on his looks. "That’s the Pogba secret," he said.

And he, of course, spent some time speaking on his Adidas deal and the hard work he’s put into creating soccer boots, apparel, and more for the brand. He said that he’s been very hands-on throughout the process and joked that he’s placed more than a few late-night calls with specific ideas for designing his line.

"I think we were designing the boots like already one week after I had signed with Adidas," he said. "Then we started working on more basic pieces like the T-shirts and went to more complex ones like the bomber jacket. It has been an amazing process, I have so many ideas in my mind and I was driving everybody crazy with a thousand suggestions at every single meeting. I learned to channel my thoughts to be efficient but sometimes at night I would look at the ceiling and think, 'Hey, what if the logo was like that…' and text people with my ideas. Actually, I might have woke some people up a fair amount of time now that I think of it."

You can go here to read the entire Hypebeast feature on Pogba. His feature appears in Hypebeast Magazine Issue 17: The Connection Issue, which "explores how divergent identities and people came together to create fashion, companies, music, and artwork that crosses over into places where they seemingly don’t belong." Outside of Pogba, the issue also features appearances from Kaytranada, Tom Sachs, Samuel Ross, and more. You can purchase it here.