The DVR and the smartphone have transformed the lowest moments for people of all ages into instant memes. It's not just athletes and celebrities we're mocking these days, it's the people in the crowd who have the misfortune of getting caught on camera.

After expressing anguish at how the game was unfolding for his favorite college basketball team, this unfortunate young fan of Northwestern will now take his place alongside the crying piccolo girl in Internet infamy:

The Wildcats put up a valiant fight only to fall short against Gonzaga, but this poor kid lost in a blowout in Twitter's meme war:

There may actually be an explanation for the level of passion shown by the young whippersnapper: his dad is reportedly Northwestern's athletic director!

We've all been there before, little dude. The only guarantee in sports is that your favorite team is going to repeatedly let you down over time. When disappointment becomes routine, you'll be able to look back on this moment and smile, remembering there was a time in your life when you were still brimming with optimism. 

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