One of the most frustrating things for professional athletes has to be when their friends and family members decide to share unpopular opinions or take shots at people on social media. The athletes themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram captions that get sent out. And yet, they’re indirectly tied to them and forced to address them, even though they weren’t responsible for hitting "send" on them. Just ask Michael Vick about how bad it can get.

On Thursday night, Kevin Durant discovered what a pain it can be when his brother Tony appeared to take to Twitter to send a shot in Russell Westbrook’s direction. He never mentioned Westbrook by name, but most of the people who follow him assumed that was who he was talking about when he sent out this:

Westbrook was playing a game against the Raptors—and putting together a triple-double—when that tweet went out. And KD’s brother seemed to confirm that he was, in fact, talking about Westbrook when he responded to one of his followers with these tweets:

He also sent out this:

But then, he tried to say that he was talking about a player he was watching in an NCAA game and not Westbrook when people started calling him out for doing it:

And he later posted this:

People weren’t buying that he was actually talking about an NCAA player, though:

And KD’s brother didn’t exactly help his cause when he started responding to people who referenced KD and Westbrook's fractured relationship with tweets like this:

But Tony continued to stick to his story and said he was watching Iowa State guard Monte Morris go off during the Cyclones’ NCAA Tournament game against Nevada and not taking shots at Westbrook:

Morris did go for 19 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists on Thursday night, which suggests KD’s brother could have really been watching the Iowa State game and not talking about Westbrook. And if that’s the case, then people were going crazy "over nothing" as he said:

But throughout the night, he continued to entertain those who thought he was taking aim at Westbrook by letting off little shots like this here and there:

And eventually, he got so many responses to his tweets that he decided to delete his Twitter account altogether:

As of Friday morning, his Twitter account has been reactivated and all of his tweets from last night are still there. So if you want, you can go and try and make sense of it all for yourself. But it certainly looks like he was, at the very least, trying to get under Thunder fans’ skin. And it's probably only going to make some of them hate KD even more than they already do, even though he didn’t have anything to do with the tweets his brother sent out.