On Monday afternoon, the judge in the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial announced that the trial would be suspended on Tuesday due to the winter weather that is currently having an impact on the East Coast.

But before he made that announcement, the prosecution in the case showed the jury some interesting evidence. According to the Boston Globe, a prosecutor brought out a 104-year-old .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver that was allegedly used to kill Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado back in July 2012 on the same night Hernandez exchanged words with the men inside of a Boston bar. The weapon was tied to the murders after it was reportedly found in the trunk of a car from a woman who was involved in a car accident in Connecticut in June 2013. And prosecutors believe Hernandez is responsible for both using the gun during the double killing in Boston and stashing the gun in the woman’s car.

The prosecution does have a couple of things working against it when it comes to the century-old gun. The first thing is that investigators were unable to find Hernandez’s fingerprints or DNA anywhere on the gun. They noted that usable fingerprints are only discovered on a very small percentage of guns used in crimes, but that obviously won’t help the prosecution’s case much.

The second thing is that Hernandez’s former friend Alexander Bradley told police that Hernandez used a .357 handgun to kill de Abreu and Furtado. And while the Boston detective who handled the firearms analysis related to the case did note that the ammunition used to kill the two men could have come from a .38-caliber, 9-millimeter, or .357 handgun, he also determined "with a reasonable degree of ballistic certainty" that the gun that was shown to jurors on Monday was the one that was involved in the 2012 double homicide.

Hernandez’s trial is expected to continue on Wednesday.