During a recent high school All-Star basketball game in Missouri, a referee decided to show off his hops and send the crowd into a frenzy by throwing down an impressive windmill alley-oop dunk. In a scene straight out of a video game where you enter some cheat code to get the ref to do something out of the ordinary, the official tossed the ball in the air, flawlessly grabbed the rock in midair, and effortlessly jammed it through the rim.

Everyone from the players on the court to the 11,000 people in attendance at the home court of Missouri Statethe JQH Arena—flipped out over what they had just witnessed. The players couldn't help but dap up the now famous official for his work while the referee played it off like it was nothing new for him.

The most impressive part of this video is how the ref pulled off this dunk in some "What are those?!" shoes. While the ones in gym shorts are rocking the latest and greatest in footwear to make them jump higher, this guy in the zebra stripes is easily soaring in the air with the first sneakers you're given when you enter Create-A-Player mode in NBA 2K.

Of course you have to applaud this referee for what he did that night. But, you should also remember the refs who were even more looked down upon after that dunk. After that moment, one of his colleagues probably whispered to him, "You didn't have to do all that."

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