DeMarcus Cousins is no stranger to interacting with fans during games. When the Kings were playing the Thunder early last year, he got into it with a female heckler who was sitting down near the court and actually ended up befriending her by the time the game was over. But something tells us he’s not going to be exchanging pleasantries anytime soon with a heckler who spent Sunday night going in on him during the Pelicans game against the Lakers in Los Angeles.




The heckler—who, according to Deadspin, is a popular NBA YouTube personality—spent the first half of the game ripping Cousins. He called him "Fat Boy" during timeouts and shared this short clip of him heckling the Pelicans star:

Cousins appeared to hear the things the guy was yelling, and while he didn’t take the bait initially, he decided that enough was enough after the second quarter ended. As Cousins made his way back to the New Orleans locker room for halftime, he turned to the heckler and yelled "Suck my d*ck, b*tch!" in the guy’s direction before calmly walking away. You can watch it go down here:

Cousins would have been better off just walking away without saying anything. Outside of the fact that the NBA might have something to say about this in the coming days, Cousins gave the heckler enough material to create an entire 15-minute YouTube video about the incident. It has gained more than 500,000 views since it went up on Monday night:

Cousins isn’t the only NBA player to tell a heckler to, well, you know this season. Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell did the same thing back in November, and coincidentally, he did it during a game against the Kings, the team Cousins was playing for at the time.

The Pelicans went on to win their game against the Lakers 105-97 on Sunday night, but they lost 88-83 to the Jazz on Monday night to drop to just 2-5 since trading for Cousins at the All-Star break.