Earlier this week, Jay Williams, Jay Bilas, and several other ESPN college basketball analysts who aren’t named Jay took part in a marathon event that saw them talking about the NCAA Tournament brackets for 24 hours straight on The Worldwide Leader in Sports’ various channels.

As you might expect, they had to roll out some pretty wacky segments to fill the time because there’s only so much you can say about 12 seeds always upsetting 5 seeds and 16 seeds always losing to 1 seeds before you run out of analysis. And one segment in particular, called "Brack-tionary," was particularly strange thanks to a stick figure drawing that Williams broke out.

Williams had 30 seconds to draw a picture to represent "Duke Blue Devils." That seems simple enough, right? Draw a face, slap some horns on it, and boom! That would be easy to guess.

But rather than go that route, Williams decided to try and draw a picture of Grayson Allen and, well, it didn’t go as planned. At all. It took Williams all of about three seconds to draw two stick figures who looked like they were doing something that shouldn’t be shown on ESPN. He then scrambled to erase the potentially NSFW photo before anyone could see it, but everyone ended up seeing it anyway and wondering what the hell Williams was thinking when he started drawing.

You can check out Williams’ awful picture in the photo above. We’re guessing "Brack-tionary" (er, "Brick-tionary"?) won’t be back again next season.