“Every year you try to maintain your performance,” says Hannebery. He’s a jovial dude with a face that looks like he’s been sipping from the fountain of youth since he was 14, but underneath the grin is a hard-nosed winner. 

“Every year you’re always looking for little areas of your game, where you either stay consistent or improve, he explains. “As a midfielder you always want to improve things around stoppages, where you spend a lot of time. A midfielder's always trying to kick more goals, that's certainly a goal of mine, trying to get more on the scoreboard and become more damaging in that respect.”

His desire to improve his performance – despite his numerous accolades – is what separates Hannebery from the pack. Earlier this year, the midfielder told the Herald Sun “every year I look for improvement.” Pressed on what that has meant in his 2017 pre-season, Hannebery offered an insight into his own pre-season strategy.  

“You can always improve. From consistency, you’ll have that natural improvement. You've only gotta look at [Swans captain] Josh Kennedy; he had one of his best years last year and he's 28 or something. You can say ‘you've already achieved so much,’ but certainly he went to another level in different areas of his game. When you've played for a while, it's not massive improvements, it's about the subtle improvements that you'll notice along the way, in all parts of the game. There's not really specific things [to improve on], myself I want more to kick more goals, but there's a number of little things that over the course of the year that I’m looking to improve; a whole game style.”

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