Last weekend, Conor McGregor predicted that he will "stop Floyd Mayweather" and "take over boxing" if he ever gets the opportunity to take on the undefeated fighter. But at least one boxing legend thinks McGregor stands absolutely no chance of beating Mayweather in the boxing ring.

TMZ Sports caught up with Sugar Ray Leonard this week and asked him to offer up a prediction on the potential fight. And while McGregor and his boss Dana White have both said that the fight might be more competitive than people think, Leonard doesn’t see things that way. He was asked how long the match would last and he held up one finger before explaining that McGregor wouldn’t make it beyond the first round.

"In boxing? One round," he said. "In boxing, Mayweather. In boxing. If he kicks him?"

That was as far as Leonard’s prediction went, but he insinuated that the only way McGregor would win is if he resorts to his MMA techniques, which would obviously not fly in the boxing ring.

Leonard isn’t the first person to make a prediction like this for the fight. When the Mayweather/McGregor rumors first started popping off, just about everyone laughed at the idea of McGregor lasting for more than a minute or two in the ring with Mayweather. But now that we’re getting closer to this fight actually happening—Leonard did say that he expects it to take place—there seem to be some people thinking twice about picking against McGregor. But that’s not a smart move if you trust the opinion of one of the best boxers of all time.