Why do people want to "fight" bulls? I mean, I get the history of the sport and the thrill of not getting murdered down by a bull in an open area, but when you end up seeing videos like the one up above, bullfighting (or running with the bulls) ends up being one of the last things I ever want to do in life.

That said, some guy totally got nailed in the ass by the bull he was fighting.

As the story goes, Mexican bullfighter Antonio Romero got gored by an almost-1,200 lb. bull in the ass, giving him a foot-long laceration in his anus and rectum, reportedly destroying his anal sphincter.

Sadly, the actual video doesn't do the severe injury any justice. At first, I figured the blow he took to the head was worse.

After dude hit the ground, it looks like that's when the bull went in for more, goring him right in the ass.

As you can see, dude was still holding his head after that second blow, but one has to imagine that once he was looked after post-fight, his situation turned from bad to very serious.

Props to bullfighters and their ability (insanity?) to get in the ring with these massive beasts. Just don't ask me to do it.