For a solid one-and-a-half year run, Crying Jordan was the only thing as certain as death and taxes. When your favorite team, celebrity, or even a nation took a major L, you could expect the face of Michael Jordan to creep its way into your social media feeds.

After reaching a point of over-saturation, Crying Jordan disappeared from the spotlight for a bit. But one man is back to restore the unstoppable meme to its former glory. He even named his softball team after it.

Behold the Crying Jordan softball uniforms, a creation of Twitter user Brian Havrilla:

The apostrophe in the logo creates some confusion. Are we supposed to believe Crying Jordan owns this softball team, or is the team's manager just riding the grammatical struggle bus? I would lean toward the latter, but he claims it's the former.

The bigger question might be why anyone would choose to label their team with a meme directly tied to failure and agony. Judging by some evidence on his Twitter, Havrilla appears to have a knack for self-deprecating humor:

It would be quite the plot twist if Harvilla and his pals could turn everyone's favorite post-loss diss into a symbol of success on the diamond. We wish Crying Jordan's Softball the best of luck in their league, and hope they hand out a string of L's to their opponents this spring.