Even if the odds are stacked against you, shoot your shot! With the Atlanta Falcons holding what seemed to be a comfortable lead over the New England Patriots, tennis player Genie Bouchard went on Twitter to brag about how she knew the Falcons were going to win. 

Even with the Falcons holding 98.9 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl after taking a 28-3 lead, one Twitter user responded to Bouchard's tweet with the Hail Mary of all Hail Mary passes.

And Genie actually took him up on the offer. 

As the Patriots were in the process of staging the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, Bouchard was getting admittedly nervous about her decision.  

Once the Patriots' comeback victory was complete, Bouchard reached out to the lucky guy. 

And she learned a valuable lesson, too. 

Now, if you think Genie is going to back out of it, guess again. 

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