According to a report from Page Six, Odell Beckham Jr. got robbed of "jewelry and cash" this past weekend when he was in Houston to be a pregame analyst on ESPN for the Super Bowl. Some rumors indicated that Beckham Jr. was mugged, and a source seemed to suggest that by telling Page Six, "It was basically catching him outside at the right time." But another source, one that is close to the Giants, contradicted that by saying the star wideout was robbed, that it wasn't a mugging, and also that nothing expensive was taken.

That person—the one that's close to the Giants—​told Page Six that Beckham was staying at a nearby hotel, but that he also accidentally left a bag of his stuff at the home of a friend. Unfortunately for Beckham (oh, and his friend) that house was then broken into. Still, it sounds as if he didn't lose anything that was all that important. "He just had some stuff there," the source relayed. "Shoes and that sort of thing. It wasn’t anything expensive—just some of his belongings."

The news of OBJ getting jacked comes in addition to the other alleged Super Bowl heist news, and by that we mean the story that some lucky S.O.B. walked off with Tom Brady's game jersey, valued at $500,000, to either sell on the black market, or hang on his wall for a conversation piece.

We're not sure what leads the authorities have on Brady's jersey snatcher (some reports released on Thursday say it actually may be onboard a "team equipment truck" heading back to Boston). But, at least when it comes to Beckham, if we were the cops we know who we'd be questioning first.