Lifelong Knicks fans, it's time to boycott this godforsaken team until James Dolan steps down. I've been boycotting them for about a month now, and my sanity has never been better. I couldn't imagine taking the 2016–17 Knicks seriously while also dealing with Trump's presidency; there isn't enough weed in the world to make any of it make sense. So for my mental health, I'm taking a break. So should you. 

Dolan is a top five worst owner in all of sports. Deep down inside, I hope he gets caught saying some racist shit in a private conversation so the league can oust him like they did Donald Sterling. Maybe they could get some new management that could actually make the right decisions, unlike what Dolan did by hiring Phil Jackson. If you recall, Knicks fans were ready to stage a protest on March 19, 2014, but Dolan—being the shrewd businessman he is—looked to the heavens and peeped the jig, opened up his bag, and made Jackson the highest paid executive in the league (with absolutely no experience), effectively making the most decorated head coach in NBA history his human body shield since he promised he wouldn't meddle.

Keep pumping out those bad blues tunes when you're bored and stay out of sight during home games.

Because this was what we as fans wanted. We wanted Dolan to keep his paws off the product on the floor because when he's interfered, the results have been straight trash. His hands-off approach has worked with the Rangers, so it should have worked for the Knicks, right? Wrong! Phil's been terrible. 

Signing Carmelo Anthony with a no-trade clause then trying to sloppily run him out of town, signing a washed-up Joakim Noah to four years for $72 million, trading away Robin Lopez's cheap contract for a Derrick Rose rental, not getting a first-round pick for Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith, taking a second-round pick (Cleanthony Early) instead of Jae short, Phil Jackson's tenure has been a fucking disaster.

If only we could put that on Dolan. We thought he finally made the right call and hired a guy who could change things around. But Phil is stuck in the '90s, a time when you can send subs in the morning paper that everybody forgot about by the next day. These are different times, my friend. A quote gets tweeted, and within minutes, that thing goes viral and all hell breaks loose— players hop on Twitter and Instagram to react and get peppered with questions in locker rooms for the next two weeks.

So even when Dolan seemed to make the right basketball decision, he actually still figured out a way to fuck shit up. Charles Oakley being kicked out of the building (and now banned) because he was sitting too close to King Dolan was easily the second most disgusted I've felt as a Knicks fan, with the first being Isiah Thomas' sexual harassment lawsuit. I boycotted them then and I'm boycotting them now. I came back for a little bit when they went and got Amar'e, and then added Melo, but I'm pretty good not watching them for the rest of this season. I feel bad for Porzingis because he doesn't deserve this, neither does Anthony.

Why would any free agent of merit want to play for a team that tries to drive their star player out of town while also not allowing a legend and fan favorite into MSG? Oakley put his life on the line for the Orange and Blue, and this is the thanks he gets?

Collect the money from the overpriced product on the floor and leave the Knicks the fuck alone, please, Jimmy. Keep pumping out those bad blues tunes when you're bored and stay out of sight during home games. Firing the head of security because he screwed up your petty plan to troll Oak isn't going to fix this. You selling the team will. A (former) Knicks fan can dream. #FreeOak #DumpDolan