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The 2016-17 NBA season has been an absolute trainwreck for Phil Jackson. Through the first half of the year, he has had to endure:

And the Knicks still have 25 games to go in the season!

At this point, you might be thinking, "Can things get any worse for Phil Jackson right now?" And amazingly, the answer to that question is…yes. Yes, they can.

On Wednesday night, they managed to get a little bit worse when a photo that appears to show Jackson riding a public bus in NYC went viral. It’s unclear when the photo is from—it looks like it’s been around since at least November 2016—but it made the rounds on Twitter, and it sparked more than a few jokes from NBA fans. Most people are wondering why Jackson, who makes $12 million per year with the Knicks, would ever set foot on a city bus when he doesn’t have to.

Here are the some of the best reactions to the photo of Jackson riding the bus:

Is it safe to say Jackson’s tenure with the Knicks has officially hit rock bottom? We tried to warn you about this, Phil...