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When Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors this past offseason, one of the main criticisms surrounding his decision was that Durant would sign with the team that just beat him in the Western Conference Finals.

During an NBA 2K All-Star Tournament event at All-Star Weekend in New Orleans where KD was competing alongside one of the teams, Hannibal Buress had to know if the eight-time All-Star would (once again) bail on his current squad in favor of the better team if they were to lose. "Durant...if y'all lose this game, will you join their team next season?," Hannibal asked. Possibly unaware of Buress' comment, Durant responded, "Say what?"

When the clip started gaining traction on Twitter, Hannibal made it clear that he needed to fire off that question to KD. 

Throughout the season, Durant hasn't been shy about addressing his reasons for leaving the Thunder and signing with the Warriors. KD has also been upfront about his ongoing "beef" with former teammate Russell Westbrook, even if the same can't be said for the OKC guard. Durant may have simply not heard Hannibal's remark because he was too locked into his game—or maybe he was deciding whether he would really join this team if his squad lost. (Sorry, sorry, had to do it.)

The NBA All-Star Weekend has just begun, and everyone is letting the tension between KD and Russ build. It's going to be a fun (or terrible) weekend, depending on who you ask. 

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