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Friday Night Lights is back, but this time without Boobie Miles (his MRI scene still makes us tear up).

From the mind of Peter Berg, the famed producer who helmed both the movie and TV series, comes a brand new Complex Networks series on go90 titled 'QB1.' The series follows the journey of three high school senior quarterbacks—Tate Martell, Jake Fromm, and Tayvon Bowers—from around the country during their final season to prove themselves on and off the field. 

Tate, who plays for Bishop Gorman, the number one team in the country, is off to Ohio State next season and he, along with his teammates, have one goal in mind—to win another State Championship. Fromm is off to the University of Georgia, but is also trying to lead his team to a State Championship, along with teaching his younger brother the ropes of the game. Bowers, who will attend Wake Forest University in the Fall, carries the weight of the entire town as they expect to see a great season behind their senior leader.

Watch the first part of episode one in the clip above and look for the second and third parts of the episodes on go90, where new episodes premiere every Wednesday in three parts.