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They say time heals all wounds, but that isn't the case for former UFC fighter Matt Riddle. Even though he was released by the UFC for failing multiple drug tests nearly four years ago, Riddle still harbors plenty of ill will towards president Dana White. In an interview with FloSlam, the former The Ultimate Fighter contestant got it all off of his chest when Dana's name was brought up in the conversation. 

“I get this question a lot and sometimes I’m like fuck that dude Dana White because he is an asshole, he was really cold blooded towards me," Riddle said. "And if you think about it, the situation I’m in. One of your employees had their third child and is still doing good work but failed a drug test again, maybe he needs help? Maybe you go another route he did, called me a loser and did all that.”

Riddle claims that he used marijuana to address a number of medical issues, including "aches and pains" and the four surgeries he had to undergo while in the UFC. Riddle adds that he had a medical marijuana card for the state of Nevada where he ended up failing the multiple drug tests. He believes that his dismissal from the company had to do with being outspoken about the use of testosterone replacement therapy among the fighters. 

After getting let go by the UFC, Riddle bounced around from Bellator to Titan FC before crossing over to professional wrestling.  

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