The Kings/Bulls game on Monday night ended on a low note for DeMarcus Cousins. After Sacramento staged a furious comeback and nearly pulled off a victory after trailing by 16 points heading into the fourth quarter, Cousins picked up his 16th foul of the season with 1.1 seconds left on the clock and will now face an automatic suspension as a result of it. Cousins was upset about not getting a foul call and took out his frustrations on a referee, which led to him picking up his 16th technical of the year.

But that was actually Cousins’ second T of the game, and the first one was given to him after a much wilder incident involving him, his teammate Matt Barnes, and Bulls assistant coach Jim Boylen.

At the end of the third quarter, Bulls forward Taj Gibson picked up a technical for arguing a call and briefly went after a referee about it. His teammate Rajon Rondo held Gibson back, but eventually, he too needed to be restrained by Boylen. And for whatever reason, this really upset Cousins and Barnes who both got into it in Boyle during a chaotic and confusing scene that involved a lot of pushing and shoving.

Unfortunately, Cousins didn’t get around to explaining either technical foul call made against him after the game. He left without speaking to reporters. But assuming both of his techs hold up after the NBA reviews them, Cousins will be forced to sit out of the Kings game against the Celtics on Wednesday night.

Oh, and just to make all of this even crazier, this all came just hours after Kings general manager Vlade Divac came out and said that Sacramento will not be trading Cousins before the trade deadline, despite the trade rumors swirling around out there. What a weird day all around for Cousins and the Kings. Though, at this point, that's kind of become the norm, hasn't it?