Over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, so it should really be no shock to you why there's a dark cloud hanging over the state of Georgia right now. After the loss, a Georgia Southern college professor let his students know there would be no class on Monday, on account of the fact that the damn Falcons couldn't protect a 25-point second half lead.

That professor, Multimedia Film and Production instructor Tyson Davis, sent out a note immediately following the historic choke to let his pupils know this was not the time to worry about their education.

"We will not have class tomorrow. I am in mourning," Davis said. "I don't want to talk or discuss the Falcons on Wednesday unless someone wants to make the argument that they intentionally threw the game, because there isn't a better explanation for such a loss.

"We will resume class on Wednesday. See y'all then."

We're guessing Davis's consolation is better than nothing.

Davis wasn't the only person in the area not worrying about school, as a number of local students gave excuses such as "Falcons depression," and "[Failure] to rise up," as excuses why they were late.

SMH. No need to sugarcoat it; it's going to be a miserable offseason Atlanta fans. Fortunately (if you're 18+) we know just the people to turn to cheer yourselves up.