I don't know jack shit about cricket. But I do know a good video of a guy getting smoked in the dick when I see one. And let me tell you, friend, this belongs in the pantheon of great internet clips of guys getting their junk all sorts of fucked up

The player on the receiving end of this point blank line drive is none other than some guy named Hilton Cartwright, who happened to be representing Australia against Pakistan when this all went down. To add further layers to this story painful footage that we only laugh at because it isn't us, this was also Cartwright's "test debut" for the Aussie national team. As you likely already figured, it's one he won't ever forget, and if he somehow does he'll be reminded via flashbacks every time he has to stand in the "silly point position," which is the one that's absurdly (and confusingly) close to the f'ing batter.

For those who are unaware about how much this would hurt, a cricket ball is comparable to a baseball when it comes to its overall make-up and sheer destructive ability to one's nads, except that it's actually harder and heavier than a baseball. Also testicular injuries have happened before—if ever there was an advertisement to wear a cup, it's this video:

Frankly, it's actually kind of surprising that this doesn't happen more often. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Cartwright did not sustain any sort of long term injury.

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