Ronda Rousey is going to need some time to contemplate her future after Amanda Nunez beat her into submission at UFC 207. The Brazilian sent her opponent into the night with a lot of questions and an embarrassing loss. She would later release a statement thanking her fans for supporting her through these tough times, adding that she would “take some time to reflect and think about the future.”

In all likelihood, she's referring to her decision to either continue her MMA career or pursue other avenues. There are many fans and observers that believe that she will never step foot in the octagon again, but she has a supporter with a ton of perspective on that decision. Jon Jones has faced a number of challenges outside of the ring, and he reached out to Rousey on Twitter to offer the former champ some advice:​ 

The entire gesture could be a sly attempt from Jones to lure Rousey to his team, Jackson-Winklejohn. A big kink in that plan might be that Holly Holm, the woman that originally handed Ronda her first huge loss, trains there. Although, if she were really trying to come up and improve, training with fighters that know your game inside and out would help correct a lot of her issues.

Bones Jones might be a mess outside of the cage, but his resume in fights shows just how much he knows when it comes to fighting. Maybe Rousey should take him up on his offer.