We have one more Sunday of football—newsflash: next weekend's farce of an exhibition known as the Pro Bowl doesn't count—before America enters into its annual pigskin hangover. And while Patriots fans and Falcons fans—and maybe a few other choice fan bases—will look back fondly on the 2016 season as one of the best they've ever experienced, for the majority of NFL fans it was the exact opposite. 

How, you might ask? Despite the game's immense popularity, its TV ratings took a dive for the first time in recent memory, the controversy over concussions continues to cast a shadow over The Shield, Deflategate just doesn't seem to die, there were horrendous primetime games, brutal injures to star players, and Roger Goodell doing Roger Goodell things on the reg. Those reasons and more easily make the argument that the 2016 season was the worst we can remember. So peep the seven reasons why the 2016 NFL campaign was complete trash and one we'd like to forget.