Ohio State got downright embarrassed yesterday by the Clemson Tigers. They lost 31-0 and were dominated in all facets of the game by their opponents. Fans on Twitter and other corners of the internet were breaking out their dankest memes on the Buckeyes before halftime was over.

Tyler Durbin is Ohio State’s field goal kicker. He performed pretty poorly in the early stretches of the game, missing two kicks from makeable range. He had a similar showing against Michigan, and his struggles followed him into the College Football Playoff Semifinal.

Missed field goals are much easier to point toward than other mistakes teams can make in the course of a game. That raised profile means that fans are going to be brutal in reacting to these flubs. Durbin shared this email on Twitter from a fan that found his school email address.

Everybody in scarlet and grey played pretty terribly, so placing the blame solely on the kicker is silly. Teams win as a unit and lose as a unit. Fans have every right to be upset when their teams lose, but this email crosses a line.