Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Connor McGregor. These are just a few of the greatest trash talkers we’ve seen in the world of sports. But there’s one man who’s consistently been a part of some of the funniest, most savage trash talking moments for the last eight years…and he's not a star athlete.

President Barack Obama has low-key mastered the art of laying the verbal smackdown on some of the most famous and accomplished athletes in the world with perfect burns. Most notably, 44 has used the traditional post-championship victory team visits to the White House as his primary platform for doing so.

Obama’s exemplary oratory skills are one of the reasons he was a truly effective trash talker. And it doesn't hurt that as the president, he commands the utmost respect from everyone in the room and is practically immune from any retorts. Just ask MJ and Steph Curry.

So before he officially departs office on Friday, here are President Obama’s best sports trash talking moments, directed at the world’s top athletes.