Conor McGregor just gave us even more proof of his desie to be the biggest brand in sports.

It's been revealed that the UFC lightweight champion applied for three trademarks in Ireland just days before the UFC was sold in a $4.2 billion deal; 'Conor McGregor', 'The Mac Life' and his nickname, 'The Notorious'.

The UFC doesn't actually own the intellectual property to any of their fighter's brands but perhaps sensing that the buyout of the MMA organisation by WME-IMG could shift the goalposts on those terms, McGregor took the first steps to securing his brand.

McGregor isn't the first man to call himself 'The Notorious'.

Way before McGregor stepped inside the Octagon, Christopher Wallace ran hip-hop as The Notorious B.I.G. and it's something Conor recognised – and paid tribute to – in the run up to UFC 205 last year.

According to CBS Sports, Conor's application to trademark 'The Notorious' name may run into complications due to the name's association to Wallace in the 1990s.

How true that turns out to be is yet to be revealed, but documents released by intellectual property lawyer Brian Conroy reveals that McGregor has applied for trademarks relating to goods and services including aftershaves, toiletries, barber shops, books and health services.

It takes up to three months for Irish Patents Office to process applications. If successful, McGregor could look to take his trademarks worldwide.

[via CBS Sports]

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