The latest video of LeBron James Jr. dominating his smaller, much less athletically gifted peers, is out and it's pretty damn impressive. Though, to be honest, it probably should be given his genes. I mean, it seems it'd be more of a story if he were tripping over his own shoelaces, or dribbling the ball off his foot, or shooting on the wrong basket as his dad covered his face with one hand and shook his head, but here we are.

Like we've seen from similar videos in the past, LBJ Jr. is a man among boys boy among toddlers, as the 12-year-old busts ankles, effortlessly dishes passes, and even tosses in a layup after going through his legs during a recent tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana. About the only thing missing was him throwing down a dunk, which will surely come in his future. He also rounds out his game by successfully doing that water bottle flip challenge that's infiltrated everything from middle schools, to America's finest universities, to his own pops' bench (maybe he picked that up from Kyrie Irving).

In fact, the hype train got started so early that the preteen has standing offers from two of the top (two?) collegiate programs in the country, Duke and Kentucky, who we learned both extended scholarship offers to him at some point last year in an apparent attempt to get a head start on the class of 2023.

LeBron--uh--Sr. once joked about the possibility of one day taking the court with his son. And while highlight films can often be misleading (anybody who's ever wasted a day getting jacked up for recruits who ultimately fizzled out can tell you that) we have no problem putting a bunch of weight on his shoulders and saying that'll probably be a reality after watching these highlights.


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