LeBron James hardly ever takes L’s when he's on the court. He’s made six straight NBA Finals, has three rings to his name, and has not been on a losing team since his rookie year. Sporting events that LeBron participates in almost always go his way.

But when the roles are reversed, and LeBron is a fan, the squads or individuals he's cheering for don't always emerge victorious. In fact, they lose a lot. And lately, a lot of the things he has been rooting for have crashed and burned at inopportune times. Just look at LeBron’s beloved Cowboys, who can never seem to catch a break in the playoffs.

For some reason, the LeBron James Curse has not drawn the attention of the Drake Curse. But after going through this list, you’ll realize how much of a bad luck charm LeBron James can be with one disclaimer: it's not a perfect curse and we're just having some fun at The King's expense.