If Ronda Rousey is thinking of calling it quits, she should hear out Jon Jones first. Since Rousey suffered her second straight loss via TKO at the hands of Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, Jones has been especially vocal towards the former UFC Women's Bantamweight champion regarding how should handle her MMA career going forward.  

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Bones, who once again stood by his opinion that Rousey could still beat 90 percent of her division while adding an honest assessment of where she currently stands in the sport. “I think the sport is catching up with her talent level and people are realizing that maybe she’s not as good as a striker as she is a ground specialist," Jones said. "I think Holly Holm kind of laid out a blueprint of how to beat Ronda. It works.”

Jones points out that if Rousey ever plans on stepping back into the Octagon ever again, she needs to learn how to adapt to her opponents. “One of the thing about martial arts, none of us are invincible," he said. "I guess the lesson to be learned in Ronda’s situation is to always evolve.” If she is able to do that, Bones believes that Ronda can get her belt back one day. “I do believe she could regain the belt,” he said. “I believe she could beat any of the other girls at any given time.”

Watch the entire video above. 

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