Did you think Floyd Mayweather was done throwing shots at Conor McGregor? After Dana White offered Mayweather and McGregor $25 million to fight one another last week and Mayweather responded by basically laughing in his face, you may have thought Mayweather was done entertaining the idea of a fight with McGregor. He seemed content with moving on and turning White into his new punching bag.

But… nope. He's apparently still going to do his part to hype up a fight that will probably never happen.

Mayweather was back up to his old tricks again on Thursday, and this time, he decided to make it extra personal. After spending a few days thinking about the $25 million offer that White extended to both fighters, Mayweather took it upon himself to do a little bit of research on The Richest to see what McGregor is actually worth. And while there’s a good chance that the net worths listed on the site aren’t 100 percent accurate, Mayweather still used his net worth versus McGregor’s net worth to try and make a point:

We should point out that other sites have listed McGregor’s net worth as being significantly higher than $2.5 million. Some have speculated that he’s likely worth more than $20 million. But even if it is that high, Mayweather clearly still has him beat in the money department. Not that that should surprise anyone.

Will this lead us any closer to a Mayweather/McGregor fight? No. But if you were expecting Mayweather to STFU and leave McGregor alone after what White offered him for a fight, you were sorely mistaken.