One of the best parts about being a Warriors fan right now—outside of the obvious, which is that your team appears to be set up to contend for NBA titles for years to come—is that there are any number of jerseys that you can buy to support your squad.

Been a diehard Steph Curry fan since he first came into the league? You can buy his jersey. Love the way Klay Thompson catches fire and turns a five-point lead into a 20-point lead in a matter of just minutes? You can buy his jersey. Appreciate the way Draymond Green plays the game and does the little things to help Golden State? You can buy his jersey. And how could we forget about Kevin Durant? You can buy his jersey, too. There’s no shortage of jerseys available for the Warriors faithful.

With that in mind, it was a little strange to see a Warriors fan—or at least, what appeared to be a Warriors fan—wearing a jersey other than one of the four we just mentioned above as he cheered his team on during their game against the Cavaliers on Monday night. That fan inexplicably showed up for the game at Oracle Arena in an old Kobe Bryant #8 jersey but was spotted going wild for the Warriors.

Which prompted us to wonder: Is that allowed?

We weren’t the only ones who asked. Shortly after the guy made a very brief appearance on TV, social media lit up with people asking the same question we did:

And a debate broke out over whether or not wearing a Kobe jersey to support the Warriors is allowed. Some people didn’t see a huge problem with it:

Others were like, "Nah…":

And shots were most definitely fired in the direction of the entire Lakers’ fanbase:

But we still don’t really have our answer. Are we OK with this—or does this guy deserve to get banned from NBA arenas for a year for this transgression? Either way, someone should probably point your man in the direction of the team store the next time he visits Oracle.