Charles Oakley hates Charles Barkley. There’s really no other way to put it. According to various reports, Oakley once open-hand slapped Barkley prior to a union meeting back in the late 1990s, and the two former NBA stars have been at odds ever since. As recently as just last year, Oakley took to Twitter to blast Barkley for talking tough on TNT, and it’s clear they’re probably never going to get along again.

That became even more clear on Tuesday morning after Oakley found out about all of the things LeBron James had to say about Barkley on Monday night. LeBron called Barkley a "hater" while speaking with and went off on Barkley for being so critical of him throughout the course of his career. Oakley saw what LeBron said and responded to it by sending a shot in Barkley’s direction on Twitter:

And of course, Oakley’s single tweet sent NBA Twitter into a frenzy:

So yeah. Charles Oakley definitely still hates Charles Barkley! As if we all didn’t know that already…