This past Sunday, the Falcons defeated the Packers in the NFC Championship game, marking the second time in franchise history, and the first time since 1999, that Atlanta will appear in the Super Bowl. And people are excited, especially team owner, Home Depot co-founder, and Walt Disney look-alike Arthur Blank.

Blank could barely restrain himself after Sunday’s game, busting a move with his players during the trophy presentation and completely lighting up Twitter in the process.

Blank’s pure joy over his team’s triumph seems to still be in full swing as he announced on Tuesday that he would bring every team employee - I repeat, every single team employee -  to Houston to witness Super Bowl 51.

This is no small feat, even for a fabulous rich guy like Blank, who has an estimated worth of $3 billion. There are approximately 270 employees in the Falcons directory, and to buy them Super Bowl tickets, fly them out to Houston, and put them up for the night costs somewhere around a milli.

A class act from the Falcons owner, who hopes to be cutting a rug once again at Super Bowl LI this February 5th when his team faces off against the New England Patriots.