Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and professional surfer Anastasia Ashley joins Nikolai Popov, the "Russian" host from the mind of comedian Andrew Santino, on the latest episode of Here’s The Rub on go90

After a brief conversation about how Ashley got into surfing at 6-years-old, Popov gifted her with a "traditional Russian skirt" along with some vodka. Popov later reveals that these tokens of appreciation are because Ashley was the fifth surfer he asked to appear on the show. Both then attempt to teach each another surfing terms and Russian curse words, but that leads to an awkward exchange. After that didn't go as planned, Popov suggests that Ashley teach him how to surf. 

The surfing lesson didn't materialize as expected due to Popov becoming mesmerized by Ashley in her swimsuit. The fascination was not reciprocated when she saw him in his own one-piece. Popov might've missed his opportunity to score big with Ashley, but at least he got to take her out for drinks. Watch the full episode above, and then catch up with Kenneth Faried on last week's episode of Here's The Rub