Remember the time Skip Bayless said that Aaron Rodgers was "just not that good" following a Packers loss to the Broncos in November 2015? Or better yet, what about the time back in November 2011 when Skip said he would rather have Tim Tebow as his quarterback during the last two minutes of a game than Rodgers?

Those two statements are so laughable at this point in time that most people have long forgotten about them. But something tells us Rodgers hasn’t. And during an interview on Wednesday, he seemed to prove that he’s still got a bone to pick with Skip, who, by the way, is still not really giving Rodgers the credit he deserves:

Rodgers was a guest on The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz on Wednesday afternoon, and towards the end of the interview—during a segment that featured Rodgers, a fan of the show, asking LeBatard and his staff questions—LeBatard suggested that Rodgers should have trolled Skip on Twitter following the game.

"How great would that have been?” LeBatard asked Rodgers. "How great if from the Aaron Rodgers Twitter account on Sunday had just been Skip Bayless’s blown-up face? Why didn’t you do that, Rodgers?"

Rodgers sidestepped LeBatard’s question and didn't really answer it. But LeBatard then asked him if he had any other questions for him and his staff, and that led to Rodgers sneaking a very subtle dig at Skip—and his multiple Facebook accounts—into the show.

"How many Facebook accounts do you have?" Rodgers asked.

The dig was so subtle that LeBatard didn’t even catch it. He actually called Rodgers out for asking a bad question. But many of the show’s loyal Twitter followers were happy to fill him in and point out what Rodgers had done:

Well played, Rodgers. We doubt it’ll stop Skip from finding a way to rip you after your game on Sunday, but it’s nice to see that you pay attention to what’s happening on the internet just as much as the rest of us.