The Washington Capitals took on the Montreal Canadiens this past Saturday, and eventually lost to the Habs by a score of 2-1. It was a great match between two Eastern Conference titans, but the most interesting news of the night came from off of the ice. You see, because it's 2016, the Caps hosted something called "Social Media Night" - an effort to get their audience active online, and to build a digital bond with their legion of fans.

The Caps encouraged everyone to get in on the action, collecting and spotlighting social media posts, and sharing them on the team's official twitter account. While some of these posts were fairly run-of-the-mill, there was one particular standout. Washington fan, Emily Longtin, tweeted out a picture of her and her dad watching the game, hoping for it to be recognized by the hometown squad. What she got in return, however, was something a little bit different.

While the Longtins' simple family portrait looks completely normal, someone working for the Capitals thought that the father and daughter duo were having a little fun with Snapchat's infamous "face swap" feature. Needless to say, things got awkward when the official Capitals account quoted and shared the tweet.

Yikes! The encounter doesn't end here, as Emily and her dad clapped back with an uncomfortable confirmation.

The Capitals scrambled to make it all seem like a joke, but Emily wasn't having it.

It was a gaffe for the ages, shared by thousands online. The fail was cringeworthy and the comments in the thread were just as unfortunate. Thankfully, the story ends well, as one smart bystander went out of his way to actually face swap the two. The gesture was welcomed by the Caps team, who were likely relieved to divert any bit of attention away from their misstep.

Emily was a total sport about the whole incident, and even used her moment of viral stardom to call out the rival Pittsburgh Penguins. Never change hockey fans, never change.