On Thursday morning, as part of a promotional stunt for Uggs, three pairs of autographed slippers that had been worn by Tom Brady were scattered around Boston to be found by adults who don't think they're too old for a scavenger hunt and who don't think it's too creepy to track down a celebrity's shoes. After the promotion was announced on his Facebook page, the Patriots' quarterback followed up with three photos revealing their locations. Here's an example:

As you can see, off to the right of that picture, is a photo of one fan, Luke Barosky, who got a little too overeager while pursuing Brady's Uggs and lost a tooth while scouring Boston for the fashion staple that was first made famous by appearing on "Oprah's Favorite Things." Damn, just like a real New England man.

"Saw your posts about signed slippers. Three of my fav things rolled up into one package," Barosky wrote on Facebook. "I needed to have it. To be mine. My precious. Sprinted like the wind. Fell like a stone. End result: 1 missing tooth. 2 cuts. 0 ugg slippers by Tom Brady." Barosky also expressed thanks to fans for thinking Brady should send him a fourth pair, though he expressed an understanding if the QB was too busy to send them his way.

Well, as it turns out, Brady isn't too busy for his fans, and he was apparently touched enough by Barosky's missing chiclet to put his signature on to a new pair, along with a personalized message to Barosky. "Thanks to everyone for giving it their all today, especially Luke Barosky!" he wrote on Facebook. "Luke, sorry to hear about your tooth… Send me an email at uggs4toothlessluke@gmail.com (with a thumbs up picture of yourself to authenticate) and I'll send you that pair of signed UGGs you worked so hard to get!"

Brady's verification system may have been simple, but it worked for Barosky and it looks like he provided the proof he needed to claim his Uggs from Brady:

A tooth is apparently a small price to pay for a Tom Brady autograph if you're a Pats fan.

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