Prior to the start of the Buccaneers/Cowboys game on Sunday night, Skip Bayless took part in a Facebook Live stream, because you know, we don’t all get enough of Skip during the week as it is.

During that stream, which featured Skip going on and on and on about how great he thinks the Cowboys are, one commenter had some really nice things to say about Skip. It seems that particular person thinks Skip is "the man" and loves his new show Undisputed on Fox Sports 1. But wait, is that person actually…

Uh, so this is awkward. It appears as though Skip has a Facebook account that he uses to offer up praise for himself on the social media site. But on Sunday night, while leaving a compliment for, er, himself, he used the wrong account and actually left a comment for Skip as Skip, which was a pretty ridiculous thing to do.

Initially, people thought that the screengrab of the comment that was posted by Cox Media/Atlanta Journal-Constitution football analyst Ollie Connolly was fake, especially since it received "1.4K likes" on Facebook and "1.4" is a number that’s very commonly associated with Bayless thanks to Jalen Rose. But Connolly maintains that the comment is 100 percent legit and that the guy who left a comment on Skip’s compliment, Dylan Goodin, witnessed Skip leave it during the Facebook Live stream:

Goodin used Twitter to let everyone know that he was in the Facebook Live stream when Skip left the comment:

Of course, there’s still a chance that this isn’t real. But fake or not, it hasn’t stopped people from bombarding Skip with the same tweet over and over again:

Skip hasn’t addressed his Facebook faux pas yet, but hey, he’s probably just glad the "1.4" tweets have stopped. Errr…

Okay, so maybe he should just stay the hell off of social media for the time being.