After the Spurs face the Pelicans on Sunday night, they are honoring future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan by hoisting his No. 21 jersey into the rafters at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

The team understandably didn't have Duncan's initials or his jersey number put an embroidered patch or decal on their jerseys to commemorate him because, simply, he's not dead. But they did put his jersey number on the socks they wore for tonight's game.

As you see in the tweets below from Duncan's former teammates Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, as well as newcomer to this year's team Pau Gasol, they are showing Timmy D much love, but not in anything too fancy.

After all, anything done extravagantly just wouldn't be the Spurs as we know them or Duncan for his style of play and his personality, now would it? So, tube socks are very appropriate for a glaring sendoff to The Big Fundamental after winning the five world titles, two league MVP awards, three NBA Finals MVP awards, 15 All-Star appearances,  and 13 All-Defensive Team honors.

For Duncan, it can be all so simple. Act like you know.

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