There aren't many people talking about the water crisis that's going on in Flint, Michigan anymore. And a lot of those who are talking about it only seem to be doing so to shed light on the fact that nobody's talking about it, which isn't doing much to help the people of Flint. But former Pistons player/coach Rasheed Wallace has been consistent with his effort to keep the conversation going, penning a solid piece for The Players' Tribune about the problem and also bringing bottled water to the city's residents on a number of occasions.

Wallace continued down that track on Thursday by appearing on Area 21 with Kevin Garnett to talk about the ongoing issues in Flint. "It's definitely a crisis," Sheed told KG. "You wouldn't even think that it's part of the United States if you went up there and looked at it. It looks like a third-world country. You might have, like, 15 to 20 houses on a block and only, like, two of them are occupied. To see the boarded up homes [and] vacant lots, it's nasty. It's disgusting."

Wallace then pivoted to talk about how throwing money at the issue hasn't solved it. "Even though the Governor [Rick Snyder] sent money for help, that was months ago and the water's still messed up," he said. He also harped on a point that he made in the aforementioned Players' Tribune piece and discussed how many people in the U.S. take clean water for granted. "Just imagine how much you use water," he said. "When you wake up in the morning, what you do? Brush your mouth, wash your grill..."

Finally, he talked about his efforts to bring supplies to the city and called for Snyder to be held accountable for what has happened in Flint. He also mentioned that his personal efforts aren't done. "We're not finished," he said.

Check out the entire segment in the video above.