Does seeing Odell Beckham, Jr. make improbable one-handed catches ever get old? Even though Beckham has made several of them throughout his career, he never ceases to amaze Giants fans and people watching him make these types of jaw-dropping plays. And they never lose their luster when Beckham turns them into touchdowns.

During the second quarter at the 5:50-minute mark of the Detroit vs. New York game, the Giants were in position to score at the Lions' five-yard line at third and one. Beckham was on the right side of their formation and ran an out route towards the sidelines just two yards short of the end zone. Eli Manning threw a pass to Beckham that seemed to be too low for him to reach out and catch with both hands. But this is Beckham we're talking about. He managed to maintain his speed, turn his body halfway towards his right, ultimately reeling in a sick one-handed catch and cross the plane for the touchdown.

Odell can add this to his highlight reel of amazing single-handed grabs that puts him in NFL's elite company of sick catches made by wideouts such as Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin, and Jerry Rice to name a few during the course of their career. Although, Beckham is still young and has some ways to go to reach their marks in NFL history. But as he continues to set records with his career receiving yards, he's definitely on pace to be placed in that conversation.

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