Less than 24 hours ago, there were some NFL fans who considered Dak Prescott to be the MVP of the 2016-17 NFL season. Through the first 12 games of his NFL career, the former Ole Miss quarterback led Dallas to an 11-1 record, and he was so good through the first half of the season that the Cowboys decided against bringing their longtime starter Tony Romo back into the mix following his recovery from a back injury. In fact, if you asked some Cowboys fans, they were already ready to mention Prescott’s name alongside some of the greats that have played QB for Dallas over the years.

But so much for that!

On Sunday night, Prescott played one of his worst games as a pro during the Cowboys’ second loss of the season to the Giants. He completed just 17 of 37 passes, threw for just 165 yards, and was intercepted twice by New York. He was also sacked three times and never looked comfortable in the pocket throughout the course of the game.

Prescott shouldered a lot of the blame for the loss after the game ended while simultaneously giving the Giants’ defense plenty of credit for their performance:

And Jerry Jones told reporters that, despite the loss, he’s still committed to playing Prescott over Romo for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs:

But that didn’t stop NFL fans from reacting—or in this case, overreacting—to the Cowboys’ loss by calling for Prescott to get sent to the bench. That’s right, the same guy who was just an MVP candidate is now on the hot seat and fighting for his job. At least, he is if you ask all of the people who took to Twitter late Sunday night to suggest that Romo get the starting nod for Dallas against the Buccaneers next week:

Fortunately, not everyone was a prisoner of the moment:

But the NFL is really wild, isn’t it? One day, you’re on top of the world, and the next, well, you’re not. Consider this another "welcome to the league" moment, Dak.