There aren’t many people who have talked trash to Michael Jordan and gone on to get the best of him. More often than not, MJ has gone full MJ on those who have tried to keep up with his trash talk game and decimated them. But during a recent golf outing, Blue Jays star Josh Donaldson managed to put Mike in his place and win some money in the process, even though MJ still managed to show off his legendary trash talk skills despite taking an L on the golf course.

Donaldson appeared on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk on Wednesday, and during his appearance, he added yet another MJ trash talk story to the sports world and revealed how, even in defeat, MJ still talked the talk. You can watch Donaldson tell the story here:

Here’s what he had to say:

I’ll give you one little story that we got. I’ll keep it as clean as possible. So we’re on a par 3 that’s about 180, 190 yards. [MJ] misses it way right of the green but has a nice chip to the flag. He’s got a lot of green to work with. He can get the ball on the ground. Not a difficult chip.

I left mine short-sided, which was dead pretty much. Up and down was almost impossible. Jordan was going up there saying, 'I’m gonna make par. I might even make it.' I said, 'MJ, you ain’t making par.' I said, 'I’ll make par before you make par.' He goes, 'Bet.'

So he goes up there, he chips like 20 feet. I chip mine up there to about 22 feet. And I looked at him and I said, 'Hey, I like my putt better than your putt.' He goes, 'You want to bet on that?' I said, 'Nah.'

I end up sinking a 22-footer for par, and I told him, 'Hey, it looks like I got my par. What about you?' He goes, 'There’s nobody you want with the ball at the last second more than MJ.' I said, 'Maybe Reggie Miller. I might take Reggie Miller over you.' He said, 'How many rings does Reggie got?'

Nice comeback, MJ. It’s unclear what happened next—and as you can see in the Instagram photo above, Donaldson came out on top at the end of the day—but MJ just doesn't know how to back down from some friendly ribbing, does he?

In case you missed it, Rip Hamilton told a pretty great MJ trash talk story recently, too. He, unfortunately, wasn’t as lucky as Donaldson when it came to getting into a war of words with the G.O.A.T.