In case you didn’t know, it’s freezing across most of the country this weekend. A number of NFL games are being held in cold weather towns and fans are braving the elements to go see their squads out in the snow. For Indianapolis Colts fan Nick Running, he and his fiance, Jane Momany, will never forget their trip to U.S. Bank Stadium today.

Running met Momany, a Minnesota Vikings fan, at a game in Minnesota two years ago. Three months later the Colts fan saw that the Vikings were selling bricks to fans outside of U.S. Bank Stadium, which would open in 2016. Running​ copped the brick and had it inscribed with, “Jane, will you marry me? Love, Nick.” He had only known his dream girl for a couple of months at the time.

The couple has been together all this time and flew back to Minny to see the Vikes and Colts square off. Running​ had a friend come through and clear out a heart-shaped space where the brick was. After that tremendous assist, the couple visited the scene and Running had the ring on deck. He said, “It was the best $170 I ever spent.”

Congrats to the happy couple.