Last week, the entire NBA mourned the loss of legendary broadcaster Craig Sager, who died after a prolonged battle with acute myeloid leukemia. He was 65.

Before his passing, Sager gave one last television interview to Jim Axelrod of CBS News. The discussion took place back in October right after Sager received his third bone marrow transplant. But as you will see in the clip above, Sager's grim outlook didn't dampen his wardrobe selection, which really shouldn't come as too much of a shock.

During the interview, Sager talked about the fan support that he had received ever since his 2014 diagnosis—just check out all that fan mail!—and also discussed how his struggle against the disease altered his outlook on life. "I'm fighting not only for myself, and for my family, but I feel I am fighting for everybody who has cancer," Sager said. He added: "The response I've gotten, where people say, 'Oh, I've been a negative person all my life and you've changed my life and now I'm more positive and I'm happier.'"

The interview ended with Sager expressing one final thought that expanded upon a line he wrote in his recently released book, where he said that knowing he was running out of time made him appreciate the time he has left. "Nobody knows how long they have left on Earth," Sager said. "There's no guarantees. And for me, when they tell you, not once, twice, three times, that I have a couple weeks to live—or a couple months—you have to determine how you want to [spend your time.]"

RIP. You can watch Sager's final interview in the video above.