We all know that Johnny Manziel loves a good party. The Heisman Trophy banquet is no normal affair though. The Texas A&M standout was the first freshman to win the award in 2012.


Last night, he was in attendance for Lamar Jackson’s coronation in New York City. The promising NFL future ahead of the Louisville product has people worrying about the fact that the sophomore was photographed with Johnny Football last night. Winners of the award have had mixed results in the NFL lately and the 2012 winner is no different.


Most observers probably shrieked in horror when the photo happened to pop up on Instagram. Manziel’s allure to a younger person makes a lot of sense. He’s a super famous party animal who was basically a legend during his college years. He's friends with Drake for crying out loud!


But, Jackson will probably hear, and rightfully so, that the former Browns quarterback is a cautionary tale for his worst case scenario. After two awesome seasons at Kyle Field, Johnny was poised to “wreck this league.” Of course, things didn’t go as planned and he’s now out of the league after legal troubles coupled with behavioral concerns. He reportedly showed up to practice drunk and late in 2015.


Maybe a close-up look at Johnny Football was all Lamar Jackson needed and he will be fine next year. Either way, Louisville fans probably freaked when they saw the image online. A photo is relatively innocent but, hopefully the Heisman Winner doesn’t let the success go to his head.

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