Coaches at all levels of sports have a saying that eschews favoritism and maintains a competitive spirit among their players: if you want more playing time, you gotta earn it in practice.

This edict for the team can cause some of its members to kiss the coach's ass in as many ways possible for more playing time. And if the coach's son is on that squad, best believe that he may be treated in the spectrum of whipping boy for the coach to not be perceived as playing favors, or the direct opposite if his kid can't do any wrong.

Kentucky freshman guard Brad Calipari, son of the Wildcats head coach John Calipari, showed many UK fans that he's the one of the Big Blue Nation team's biggest brown-nosers. Brad wore a warmup shirt that had his father's face on it with a caption underneath that read "Man Crush Everyday."

The shirt is in reference to Drake's shirt that he wore to a Raptors game last month with Doris Burke's face on the front with the caption "Woman Crush Everyday."

Of course, the campy humor of this shirt makes you chuckle a bit, but let's be real — this is a bit weird to have a pic of your dad as a personal man crush. But if you're can send his entire team to the NBA and have alums get big contracts and become superstars like DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, John Wall, or Karl Anthony-Towns after just one year of playing at UK, you gotta love a guy who can make you a millionaire after your freshman year playing for the Wildcats.

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