Johnny Manziel has returned to Los Angeles after spending the last week in Miami, and not surprisingly, he's still partying, still getting followed around by TMZ, and still hanging out with a crew that can stay up until the wee hours on a Tuesday night because they've got nowhere to be on Wednesday morning. None of this should really come as much of a shock.

His most recent encounter with TMZ included one of their random cameramen trying to get Manziel's thoughts on Cam Newton's "wardrobe suspension" before calling an audible after Manziel brought up Louisville quarterback/Heisman Trophy frontrunner Lamar Jackson. Initially, Johnny Football simply predicted that Jackson will be the newest amateur player to don the trophy's signature pose. "On Monday night, [he's] taking it home," Manziel said, even though the Heisman Trophy presentation is actually on Saturday.

But then, the cameraman asked Manziel about the idea of Jackson playing in Cleveland for the Browns one day and that led  Manziel, a former Browns quarterback himself, to bust out a Dikembe Mutombo-esque finger wag before saying, "Lamar's gonna go somewhere else."

Jackson will be eligible to enter the draft after next season, and though the Browns could ideally use a quarterback at some point in this century, we'll hope for Jackson's sake that he's not on their radar. As for Manziel, he's actually the last Browns quarterback to win a game, and it looks like that'll still be true well into 2017.

On a more personal note, Manziel celebrated his 24th birthday by chugging Fireball at 8 .:

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