The Jaguars' struggles continue this season, and to be fair, that's nothing new concerning the perennial basement dwellers of the NFL standings. They currently hold the NFL's third worst record at 2-11 and have lost eight straight games. As if things couldn't have gotten any worse for the Jaguars, they went a step beyond to go from bad to really, really bad when their kicker cost their team a rare penalty at the start of the game, which hasn't been called since 1998 when the Bengals played the Broncos.

Jacksonville kicker Jason Myers was hit with a delay of game on the kickoff. Yes, that's an actual violation in the NFL rulebook. It's rarely called because teams have from the time after they score until the official blows their whistle for a kickoff to occur to get the play-call in, and then there is an additional 25 seconds for the receiving team to start their series. No play action after that 25-second limit is a delay of game penalty.

But for the Jaguars to once again pulled off the unthinkable by digging deep for violations that no one besides the refs knew even existed is pretty sad.

They lost to the Vikings 25-16, and let's just say it's a rebuilding decade year for the Jaguars.

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