On Wednesday night, the No. 13 Indiana Hoosiers beat the No. 3 North Carolina Tar Heels by a score of 76-67 to hand the Tar Heels their first loss of the season. During the contest, jubilation was widespread throughout the crowd that assembled at Assembly Hall, but nowhere was it more evident than on the gloating face of IU alum Isiah Thomas, who was spotted waving a giant Crying Jordan cutout towards the student section:

Now, perhaps Thomas was so happy because of his longtime rivalry with MJ, perhaps it was "payback" for being kept off the '92 Dream Team by MJ, or perhaps it was simply the closest thing he could grab and wave. Nevertheless, this level of pettiness from one Hall of Famer to another is well worth documenting. It seems that more than 25 years after the playoffs where he walked off the court without shaking Jordan's hand, Zeke still has some animosity for MJ stored up. Grudge matches between ultra competitive people apparently take forever to heal. Who knew?

Not surprisingly, Twitter mentions for the meme were mixed:

We're sure MJ is just devastated.